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Mold Inspection

A mold inspection is a visual examination of a residential home or commercial property to determine if elevated levels of mold, moisture, or microbial growth are present.  Mold inspections (mold assessments) are typically performed by professional certified mold inspectors or mold remediators either because a home is changing hands and the inspection is at the request of the potential home buyers or because a homeowner or property owner suspects that there may be elevated levels of mold present at the property.

Many states have not enacted mold legislation yet but most homeowners' insurance companies are now requiring the mold inspections and mold remediation jobs are performed by certified mold inspectors / mold assessors.

The interactive certification course package from Professional Mold Inspection Institute will give you the training you need to perform professional mold inspections as well as get you nationally recognized certifications for mold inspection & remediation!

National Association of Mold Remediators & Inspectors
NAMRI, the National Association of Mold Remediators & Inspectors, is a non-profit society for professionals in the mold inspection industry. NAMRI is approved by Mold Errors & Omissions insurance providers. NAMRI also helps you market your mold business by allowing you to use their identifying logo in your advertising and they also list you on their site so people searching for mold inspectors can find you. Once you are certified through the interactive course package, you receive a free 1-year membership to NAMRI (a $149 value!)


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