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A mold inspection is a non-destructive visual examination of a residential or commercial property for the presence of microbial growth (mold) and sources ie. excessive moisture, humidity, or ventilation problems.  Mold remediation refers to the process of fixing moisture problems in a home or commercial property and safely containing & eliminating mold or microbial growth.

Mold Inspection (Mold Assessment)
Professional Mold Inspection Institute offers training & certification for mold inspectors for residential homes and commercial properties. Earn a CRMI certification from the Residential Mold Inspection Course and a CCMI certification after completing the Commercial Mold Inspection Course.

Mold Remediation 
Professional Mold Inspection Institute offers training & certification for mold remediation which can be a great compliment to contractors enabling them to bid on mold jobs that require mold certifications from insurance companies as well as mold inspectors!  Earn a CMR certification after completing the Mold Remediation Certification Course and complete the Mold Remediation Protocols Course to learn the two nationally recognized standards for mold remediation, the S520 standards from IICRC and the NYS standards.

Mold Forum
We invite you to use the forum on this website to post questions and comments regarding mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold licensing information. Register for free and use the forum to exchange information with others in the mold inspection/remediation industry!

Certification Course Package
Right now, you can take all 4 mold courses together for one low package price! Click on the link below to view more information about the training course package from PMII, Professional Mold Inspection Institute
Mold Certification Course Package



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